Exhibitions at the Design Museum, London

The Design Museum in London is one of the most popular design museums in the world today. It holds a huge collection of objects and art pieces. The design museum provides opportunities to learn about the present and future of designs through its various exhibitions. Here are some exhibitions you can attend at the Design Museum.

Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street

Here you will discover the journey of sneakers. You will know about the various designs and how they affect performance. During the exhibition, you can ask any question related to sneakers and you will get answers from the experts. You will see various styles and sizes of sneakers and how they have evolved with time.

In the exhibition, you will see classic sneakers like Puma Disc and Nike Air Zoom to the latest model of Adidas. You will have a look at the design process and learn how the shoes are designed. You will explore the most inventive modern shoes with the Adidas FutureCraft.Strung shoe-making robot.

You will have a glimpse of the resale market as well. You will learn about the icons who have made these sneakers famous worldwide, including Michael Jordan, Kanye West, and others. You will get a lot of information about the shoe designers.

The Conran Effect

This is a free exhibition open to all. Here the work of the Design Museum founder, Sir Terence Conran, is showcased. You will get a look at the achievements of Conran from early furniture designs. Conran took up many professions since the 1950s. He also had a business and wrote books. He worked with the property developers and architects.

Conran has a great contribution in transforming the retail industry. He led many urban regeneration projects. His designs focused on improving the quality of life. He developed the design museum in 1989, and since then it has attracted lots of people from around the globe.

Designer Maker User

This exhibition will showcase the museum’s collections. You will see the development of the modern design. There is an interconnection among designer, maker, and user and you will see the role of each here. You will see about 1000 items on display from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

You will see the designs through the views of a designer, manufacturer, and user. Here the disciplines include architecture, engineering, fashion, graphics, and more. The displays are attractive and colorful.

Some of these exhibitions are free and you must buy tickets for some of them. Before visiting the museum, you should know about the days and timings of the exhibitions from the museum website.