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Wear & Seek: Designing Camouflage with Peut-Porter

Create your own camouflage-wear for the digital age with design platform Peut-Porter.

What to expect

In an age of mass surveillance and enhanced vision systems, is hiding still possible?

This workshop invites you to design your own camouflage-wear for the age of digital surveillance. Through discussion and live-demonstration, we will explore new forms of human and machine vision, including augmented and virtual reality. The workshop will then focus on crafting textiles and narratives that respond to these new technologies.

Through the session we will explore the many aspects of what we wear and the narrative potential of garments.

Arcade East, Picnic At Tornado Sands

Arcade East, Picnic At Tornado Sands

Arcade East, Picnic At Tornado Sands

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Adult: £90
Student/concession: £ 75
Members: £75
Tickets includes lunch



Peut-Porter is a London based Design Platform formed by Alexa Pollmann, Kat Thiel and Bine Roth. Their practice spans various media and looks at fashion through the lens of technology through garments, characters, narratives and experiences.