Designers in Residence 2018: Dwelling

Explore social housing , craft , smart home devices and concepts of time with projects from new and emerging design talent.

The Designers in Residence programme at the Design Museum is a core part of the museum's activity, supporting emerging designers, from any discipline, with time and space away from their regular environment to reflect, research and consider new ways of developing their practice.

Located on the museum’s top floor, see the designers at work and find out what they are working on. Following their seven-month residency, explore the finished projects in a collective showcase of their work on display between 28 November 2018 and 23 March 2019.

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Ella Bulley

Project: Saccharum, Image credit: Sam Ha

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Dr Helga Schmid

Image credit: Kelly Spanou

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Hester Buck

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Legrand Jäger

Guillemette Legrand & Eva Jäger Image credit: Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, 2018

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2018 theme

Theme: Dwelling

This year the Design Museum has invited designers and architects to respond to the theme ‘dwelling’

More than ever before, our preconceptions of the home are being challenged. In the UK, the rising cost of housing has priced younger generations out of property markets and new technologies are expanding ideas of domesticity.

It’s clear that our understanding of dwelling, and the home, is shifting. It’s no longer about where we live, but about how we live. How can design respond to these challenges and how are our changing perceptions of the home influenced by design?

meet the residents

Hester Buck

Hester Buck is a member of the critical design practice, public works, a not-for-profit studio set up to explore the intersection between architecture, art, performance and activism. Hester’s current research celebrates green spaces within post-war social housing estates through workshops with local communities.

Ella Bulley

Ella Bulley is a London-based designer whose practice combines traditional artisan techniques with technological innovations to transform the 'raw' into the 'refined'. Ella’s response to this year’s programme is ‘Remnants’, a project related to the objects that inhabit spaces of dwelling.

Eva Jäger and Guillemette Legrand

Eva Jäger and Guillemette Legrand founded Legrand Jäger, a multi-disciplinary practice committed to researching design, ethics, and technology. During their residency at the Design Museum, they will be exploring the invisible architectures of the smart home device.

Dr Helga Schmid

Dr Helga Schmid is a London-based design researcher and experience and communication designer. Helga’s project will be exploring the nature of temporality in relation to today's society.

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